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Consolidating Office Space
When companies need to expand or consolidate office space, people are going to have to accept change. Recently A&A Transfer helped a large cable company operating in northern Virginia develop a plan, purchase and install new furniture at 35% savings, and finally warehouse their existing furnishings for resale. However the greatest sense of accomplishment comes from making people's work environments pleasant.

"Everyone needs personal space at work. Being respectful to an individual's environment... especially when reducing space, means we take creating layout planning very serious. This job required us to consolidate 16 people into 8 offices. In the end, we not only helped create an improved workspace, but also did it in a way that led to a more efficient space metric." - Kevin Sellner, Commercial Account Manager

A&A Transfer offers your business a complete furnishings solution. To learn more on how we might be a good fit for your upcoming project, you can fill out a brief quote, or contact us directly.

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