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A&A Transfer Rigs and Transports the 1923 Pullman Rail Car 

The A&A crew recently completed a detailed job in Avella, PA, moving a 1923 Pullman rail car, weighing 100 tons.  The rail car was owned in the 1920s by the Harriman family and was considered a business class car during that time.  It was now due for a restoration in San Francisco!  The team had to build a road to get to the rail car because there were underground utilities and men working below the current road making it unable to support the weight of their trucks. This meant having to build a road strong enough for their equipment.  They were operating on a museum site – in tight quarters around buildings built in the 1800s and early 1900s, having to ensure the integrity of everything was maintained.

When lifting the rail car, two cranes were used to place it onto a Gold Hoffer truck for transport.  To avoid damaging the undercarriage of the rail car, it was necessary to keep it elevated approximately 3 ft.  The rail car was built to be self-propelling and had mechanics underneath to do so, requiring extra care to keep it elevated.  During transport, the rail car was 17’4” tall, which meant that almost all utility lines were in the way.  A carefully planned route helped the Pullman rail car reach its destination without hitting any utility lines.  The rail car was hauled 16 miles to Weirton, WV to the Norfolk Southern Rail Yard.  There, it was placed on a flatbed rail car and taken to San Francisco for delivery to the Smithsonian where it will be restored.  Congratulations to the A&A team for a job well done! 

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