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Anzio Annie

Originally named the Krupp K5 Leopold, this gun was developed in Germany for use in World War II. The more popular name for this gun the 'Anzio Annie' was given because of where it was used against allied forces... in Anzio Italy. This gun was recently disassembled and moved from its location at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds to its new home at Fort Lee. This rigging project required complex planning and careful execution due to its enormous size and the guns historic significance. The barrel itself (seen being rigged above) measures over 70 feet long and weighs an amazing 230,000 pounds.

To read more about the gun and it's move visit http://www.apgnews.apg.army.mil

For additional information visit on the history of Anzio Annie visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krupp_K5

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