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  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Fully Racked
  • Conditioned Space
  • Climate Controlled Space
  • Clean Room Space
  • Battery Management & Disposal
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Palletizing & Crating

Newly Added Space
In April 2010, we completed construction on our newest 50,000 square foot, state-of-the-art warehouse. This facility is climate controlled, environmentally-friendly, secure and accessible in a moments notice.

Battery Management
Your batteries can now be stored, monitored and when necessary –charged. We have a dedicated team that can provide you with up to the minute information and ensure the greatest battery life possible.

Testing Facility
We have 480 Volt 3 phase- 800 Amp service available for testing purposes. Instead of shipping your equipment to be tested, have it stored and cycled at our facility before heading to a job site. With top-of-the-line warehouses, we continue to offer convenience and efficiency year after year.

Anzio Annie Gun
Recently this World War II gun was disassembled and moved from Aberdeen Proving Grounds to its new home at Fort Lee.
Setting Large Generators
A recent project where we set multiple large generators
Multiple Chillers and Tank Rigging Job
Fort Lee
A&A Transfer moves multiple tanks and other pieces into place at Fort Lee
Mobile Crane Services
Various jobs utilizing our mobile crane team.
Downtown DC
Working in and around traffic, large buildings and the other obstacles that face industrial rigging jobs in the DC area.
Bonnie & Clyde Car
In 2008 we delivered the Bonnie & Clyde Car to the Smithsonian Museum. These images demonstrate just a few of the challenges rigging a musuem artifact presents.
NASA GSFC Solid Waste Clean
A&A is called in to provide rigging services for a special situation
Helicopter Rigging
When situations call for it, helicopters must be used to remove and set.
Large Scale Rigging
Tysons's Galleria Christmas Tree
Indoor rigging job for the Tyson's Galleria Mall.

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